We all know how difficult it is to dispose of big items, such as mattresses. It can be time-consuming and confusing to find local city dumps or recycling centers if you leave your bed at the curb. Unfortunately, choosing an eco-friendly way to do so takes a bit of time and effort.

So, how can you say goodbye to your old mattress?

Verify the mattress warranty

 Be sure to check if your mattress is still under warranty before taking any action as they usually expire within five to ten years. If you have a mattress warranty, check with the manufacturer to see if removal, replacement, or removal are covered. It could be that the removal of the old mattress isn’t covered by the policy, so you are responsible for disposing of it by yourself.

In general, there are three ways of taking care of your mattress:

  1.  Recycling
  2. Donation
  3. Junk removal


If you can, please recycle your mattress. Habitat for humanity reports that over 22 million mattresses are thrown away irresponsibly every year, either thrown into a landfill or left on the curb. So take it to the nearest mattress recycling center. About 80% of mattresses can be recycled? Recycling mattresses is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to dispose of mattresses.

It is a good idea to find a local mattress recycler, but not all cities have convenient drop-offs, and hauling bulky mattresses and box springs can be costly. From free mattress pickups to on-demand low-cost options, mattress recycling programs vary by state, so make sure you do your research. Depending on how they pick it up, some may remove it from inside your home, but most will simply haul it away.

If you’re looking for mattress recycling programs near you, you can do a quick Google search for “mattress recycling programs near me.”


As you know mattresses can be quite expensive,  so gifting your old mattress can be to family, friends or those in need can be a great idea. however, it is important to make sure your mattress is in pretty good condition before donating.  It is unethical to dump a mattress on someone or a charity when you know the mattress is infested with bed bugs, has gross stains, or has strong odors. Every state has different laws in place and governing mattress donations but almost all stipulate that a donated bed cant have any rips or strains and these strict parameters are in place to  protect future owners of the mattress so do some research beforehand to figure out if your bed is good to go once you have decided whether or not your mattress is donatable you can then use resources like :

  • Goodwill
  • Salvation Army
  • Bye Bye Mattress
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Donation Town
  • Homeless Shelters
  • Charities & Thrift Stores
  • Furniture Bank Association of America

With this, you may require a small sanitation feed to ensure that your mattress is 100 percent safe for others to use.

In addition, you can resell your mattresses at the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and by simply posting a picture of your old mattress.


 Junk removal is maybe not a preferred method for getting rid of an old mattress but one that will do in a pinch, if you are exhausted of other options. How this works is you will basically contact a local junk removal service easily google it and set up a pickup time, the crew will arrive card off your old mattress for free and you will be ready for your new bed in no time though you will sometimes know where the mattress is going. oftentimes its destination will remain a mystery this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Throw away the old mattress and box spring

You can often dispose of your mattress in your regular trash if it is the last resort in your city. Before throwing away your mattress with regular trash, check the regulations of your local Waste Management service.

In general, you should wrap the mattress in a plastic bag and close it with packing tape before throwing your mattress out with other garbage.

Mattresses can be taken to the dump, right?

Generally speaking, in most towns you can bring your mattress to the dump, but please be aware that there will be a charge once you get there.

Dumpsters are not the right place to dispose of mattresses. Furthermore, they can contain bodily fluids, bedbugs, and other gunk that can be classified as hazardous waste – not to mention that you can get fined.

As a result, if you rent a dumpster, mattress disposal may be available, but you will be charged an extra fee for each mattress to cover the cost of breaking them down and recycling or landfilling them.


Q1. Where I can throw a mattress?

Ans: disposing of a mattress differs from community to community so your best bet is to do some research before hand to know how your local government deals with large scale waste, if you dispose of your mattress irresponsibly, you can face a fine or a legal action

Q2. When can I throw out my mattress?

Ans:  You should replace your mattress maybe after 8 yrs, a good quality mattress may last up to 15 yrs, the higher the quality of memory form the more it will last. Rotating your mattress regularly and using a mattress protector will help you increase its life. However, if your mattress is old and sagging and makes you feel tired or your spring mattress starts to squeak or creak you may need to replace it.

Q3. how can I get rid of the mattress for free?

Ans: one of the easier methods for getting rid of a mattress for free is to donate it, many charitable organizations will take old beds off your hands at no charge. You may need to do some research about the organizations near you.