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Have a pile of junk floating around the house that's taking up storage space?

Worry no more! At Big Blue Junk Removal, we proudly take just about anything imaginable: Be it hot tubs, outdated electronics, unused furniture, toys, general junk, and so much more. We offer Residential Junk Removal Services which is the lowest when compared to any other company in business.

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Here’s a list of a few household items we take off and remove on your behalf:











For more information or to schedule service, call us at (209) 395-0850 or visit our contact page

For more information or to schedule service, call us at (209) 395-0850 or fill out the form below.

    Residential junk removal services in Modesto

    Looking for residential junk removal services in Modesto? Then look no further, Big Blue Junk Removal is here to serve you with their best service. Big Blue Junk Removal is a well-known company in Modesto that offers its best junk removal services in Sacramento, Stockton, Turlock, Rancho Cordova and the surrounding area.

    Appliances, Hot tubs, old furniture, mattress, couches, cubical, construction waste, debris are some of the household items that we remove and take off from the house. Trust our team of experts and professionals for quality services in Modesto.

    Schedule an appointment with us and our team will arrive at your place to give you a tody service. Junk removal company like us helps you to get rid of the waste and junk that does not fit in the garbage. Residential junk removal is important to keep your family members safe and free from health-related issues. The junks are taken away forever from your residential area and now you can have a clean environment. There are different types of junk and that can be hauled away only by the professional junk removal companies in Modesto.

    Get in touch with us today if you also want your residential to be junk-free.  Our workers aim at providing you with their best service at an affordable price. We look forward to offering you the best service of our team and thereby attaining customer satisfaction. Visit our official website to know more about us and our other services. 

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